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    Sheepdog by Kevin Artique

    Oldcastle Theatre Company, Bennington VT, 2022

    Patterson, for her part, is some kind of exceptional Thespian, one that can be watched for hours on end as the flow of language and chutzpah comes at you across the fourth wall. Her Amina portrayal was the stuff of filling award cabinets to the hilt with well-deserved hardware. At one point, she looked directly at me and delivered two full sentences from the script, and I literally wanted to stand up from my seat, go to her, and answer. That’s not just the stuff of professionals from Patterson; it’s the hallmark of champions.

    - Telly Halkias, Bennington Banner

    Ravin Patterson plays this all with a straight-forward honesty that is both compelling and off-putting.  She forces us to sympathise with her quest for the truth and also to empathise with her projected losses.  Patterson plays her role with a simplicity that restores our own sense of trust in police procedure....The brilliance of her work is in that simplicity; Amina's resolve is hard to ignore and awful to contemplate.

    - J. Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Edge

    Oldcastle Theatre Company opens the most urgent play of the summer just in the nick of time with “Sheepdog” by Kevin Artigue superbly directed by Kirk Jackson with phenomenal performances by Ravin Patterson and Michael Patrick Trimm....The play is a love story between two cops, one white and one Black but it is also a police procedural as Amina (Ravin Patterson in a towering performance) sifts through the evidence...

    - Patrick White, Nippertown

    Red Velvet

    by Lolita Chakrabarti

    Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, MA


    "The production’s stealth performance is offered by Ravin Patterson as the obsequious black maid Connie. Her quiet presence speaks volumes throughout the work, and her single scene with Thompson drives home the point of the play with gentle dignity."

       - The Troy Record

    "... Jamaican maid, Connie (Ravin Patterson in a little gem of a performance)..."

       - The Berkshire Eagle

    "Ravin Patterson rounds out the cast in the understated yet memorable role of Connie, a Jamaican servant at the theater." 

       - Theatermania

    Red Velvet also featured Ravin Patterson, a miracle of silent eloquence as an impassive maidservant to rich white folks.

       - Valley Advocate

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